Importance of security in the cannabis industry | IPS 2022 Florida

Why Is Security Important in the Cannabis Industry?

As more and more states in the US have made it legal to possess and use small amounts of marijuana for recreational and medical use, the market has expanded rapidly.

According to a survey, the cannabis business is expected to be worth more than $50 billion by the year 2026, according to numerous studies, with annual growth rates ranging from 20% to 30%.

However, in light of the recent boom in the cannabis market, it’s crucial to remember that being a cannabis business owner means taking extra precautions. In your efforts to promote your products, never take security for granted.

It has been recorded that so far, the losses from marijuana stores and events thefts have been estimated at much to $50,000 per incident. Furthermore, 17% of dispensaries were robbed in the year 2021.

When it comes to the government’s investment in marijuana regulation, financial losses aren’t the only reason for the increased level of police presence. For each state, there are certain rules that we all need to abide by before engaging in the cannabis business like having cameras placed throughout the store, with one always aimed straight at the cash register for further security.

For cannabis events, the best way to ensure compliance with local laws is to engage a qualified security guard company. These organizations have professionals on staff who are familiar with the ins and outs of the cannabis industry. In addition to ensuring the safety of your company, using certified security services can boost your company’s revenue.

For non-compliance with the government requirements, depending on the severity of the infraction, penalties may be imposed on your business. In addition to financial repercussions, insufficient security measures may lead to your arrest and incarceration.

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