Certified Armed Security Guards in Los Angeles | IPS 2022

Why Hire Certified Armed Security Guards in Los Angeles

Your business may be handling something sensitive and needs a more sophisticated type of security. To ensure that the business is safe and successful, you want to employ only certified armed security guards who are licensed to carry a handgun.

Choose Only Certified Armed Guard Services in Los Angeles

Have you heard about the recent events involving security guards who are tasked to protect a business? Unfortunately, most guards do not meet the criteria necessary to be permitted to carry a weapon while on the job.

Gun Licensing

There are a lot of issues regarding banning and possessing guns in terms of protecting oneself. The one thing that needs to be addressed as soon as possible thought, is for these security officers to possess the appropriate license to carry a loaded weapon in order to do their jobs properly.

Security guards who are authorized to carry a firearm have undergone thorough training in the safe use of firearms. They completed a safety training course and examinations demonstrating that the licensed individual understands how to safely load, shoot, and store a handgun.

In contrast, guards who lack training and certification can be disastrous. They lack the necessary training to be able to determine when it is appropriate to use lethal force. A guard does not have to shoot someone simply because they are acting weird.

Gun licensing includes a mental examination to determine if a security guard is capable of carrying a gun. Not all security personnel are authorized to carry firearms. If you intend to engage armed security guards, make certain that they are fully licensed.

IPS Security Training

We provide armed security guards who are thoroughly trained to meet state requirements. On a regular basis, we do a federal criminal background check and a mental health assessment. We review their applications to ensure that they have no history of substance abuse or mental health difficulties.

Armed guards are sometimes essential to protect the public and will only use their firearms when absolutely necessary. However, IPS Security also acknowledges that armed guards pose a danger of violence. Although hiring armed security guards may increase the risk of violence, they may be necessary for your situation. To find out if you need armed guard services in Los Angeles, call us at (877) 203-4619.