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When Should You Hire Unarmed Security?

Unarmed security guards are always more cost-effective than armed guards. While some situations need the deployment of armed security officers, many situations may be kept safe and secure without the addition of weapons. How can you be certain that the level of service that you will receive from unarmed guards will be on par with that which you would receive from armed guards? When you already know that you only require armed security guards, there are certain circumstances in which it may be beneficial to hire unarmed security guards.

You need to save money.

When hiring armed security, you should be aware that there may be additional costs involved in addition to the higher hourly rate for armed guards. In most cases, hiring armed security personnel will result in increased costs, and as a result, your insurance premiums may even go up.

You want to stay clear of legal obligations.

If an armed guard on the property shoots someone and causes injury or death, the venue owners and event organizers could most likely be held liable for the incident. Weapons that are not intended to kill can be used as a deterrent against criminal activity and violent acts. This may include less lethal options such as tasers, batons, and sprays that still accomplish their purpose.

The level of danger is low.

It would make the most sense when you hire unarmed security guards when the venue is one that is already fairly secure and only needs the presence of a guard to serve as a deterrent. There are types of events that when you put somebody holding a gun by the door, instead of people enjoying the event, it will only cause fear and uneasiness for attendees.

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