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What we can learn from the 2016 tragedy in Orlando, Florida

The Orlando shooting of 2016 happened at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in the early morning hours of June 12th. There were 49 people killed and over 50 injured. To this date, it is still tagged as the worst mass shooting in the history of America.

Here are some lessons that we can get from the deadly event:

Never leave your assigned post.

According to court papers, a police officer “was at Pulse at all pertinent times and was charged with providing security to Pulse. Instead, he abandoned his post, thereby allowing the shooter to not only enter the club once to scout out the area and make sure nobody could stop him, but to then leave Pulse, retrieve his firearms, and return to execute his sinister plan to kill people.”

As one of the fundamental rules of security guards, being visible at all times is viewed as an effective deterrent to criminal and other illegal behavior. Highly visible security guards will prevent anyone from thinking about stealing or pulling a gun out for shooting.

Strengthen security at entrances

While checking IDs, bags, and tickets is a routine for a security guard assigned at the entrance, there should always be a metal detector door to help in detecting unwanted items.

Strong security signs help deter criminals

At first, it seemed as though a gunman had planned to target the shopping and entertainment complex at Disney World by concealing a firearm in a stroller, but he got discouraged by the security precautions of the place. He then instead chose to blow up Pulse Nightclub. For all intents and purposes, the attack on the Pulse nightclub had been premeditated since it was an easy target with a high likelihood of success.

Aurora, Colorado theater shooting was an example of this type of action prior to previous active shooter assaults. The attacker chose to target a theater with a restricted “gun-free zone” policy, which disarmed people, allowing him to avoid being confronted by armed security guards.

Poor event security plans, management, crowd control, and inefficient emergency response increase the probabilities of injuries, property damage, and even catastrophic assaults. Event safety and security must be customized to each individual event and potential exposure.

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