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What is Special Event Security | IPS California

Special events can range from home parties to grand openings to music festivals or World Cup.  A few may attend a private party or a gallery opening, but big events are frequently attended by enormous crowds.

These events are frequently held in sports arenas, university campuses, music venues, corporate facilities, and other major venues. Even if some businesses have their own security personnel for day-to-day operations, they are unlikely to be able to manage large crowds and potential security threats.

How do you manage a special event?

Preparation is essential to the success of any event security program and should not be done on the spur of the moment. When the IPS team conducts risk assessments of the venue for a customized event security strategy, it includes the type of audience in the process.

Sizes are carefully evaluated, along with the type of music or event to be conducted. Security planning for a heavy metal event and a classical music concert may have the same concepts but are operationally extremely different.

Hire reliable people

It is typical to hire security guards for occasions that involve VIPs, sports, and conferences. IPS, being a leader in the event security industry, with its years of experience, has obtained the skills needed for special events.

Consider asking for the assistance of local police, medical staff, and the fire department in addition to in-house and hired security officers. Ambulance services need to be incorporated into the planning stage at an early level because you will never know when you’re going to need them,

Media Management

Special events draw lots of media attention. This imposes enormous expectations on event organizers and hosts. At IPS, we understand the changing demands of the media and have seen firsthand how interest in a specific event can grow overnight.

Because of our adaptability, we are always prepared to deal with increased numbers and demands, ensuring that the event runs smoothly and receives the press coverage that the organizers desire.

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