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Vibra Urbana Is Finally In Vegas!

Vibra Urbana Las Vegas 2022, America’s largest Latinx and Reggaeton festival, was held in Las Vegas, and IPS was a part of the first successful event in Sin City. Anuel AA, Don Omar, Rauw Alejandro and Nicky Jam performed at the two-day Latin music festival.

VibraUrbana is an all-ages festival, but you must be at least eighteen (18) years old to purchase a ticket online or be accompanied by a parent or guardian. General Admission (GA) tickets, GA+ tickets, and VIP tickets are all available. Each tier provided access to additional festival areas, such as the food court, bar, and art exhibits.

Because it is a crowded event with numerous exits and entrances, our staff needed to pay a little more attention most especially that there is a strict policy for when the tickets were sold, that the audience had to be at least 18 years old and above.

For a new festival, tickets were sold and the venue at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds in South Las Vegas Boulevard was packed with a lot of people. Thousands of reggaeton lovers are anticipated to attend the festival, which is widely regarded as the largest in the United States. If you adore the energy of Latinx music, you will undoubtedly enjoy the two days you will spend in Las Vegas.

Since this was the first time Vibra Urbana was held in Vegas, the audience did not know what to expect, and this has somehow also made the crowd easier to handle since not everybody was in a chaotic mood. IPS is also partnered with other security services and insofar as gaps and incidents, there haven’t been any issues reported that involved our teams.

Every aspect of the approved plans was carried out correctly, and all outposts were guarded to the best of our team’s ability. It was necessary for some of our employees to dash from one location to another whenever one of our posts required additional help but other than that, everything ran smoothly and efficiently since everyone was in the spirit to work.

IPS really handled the event well, and it’s a great comeback after last week’s surprise. Last week exposed our teams to a lot of events and gave them a head start on what to expect and what could happen in the worst case scenario.