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Types of Event Permits in Los Angeles, California

Here is a list of the most common types of event permits you may need if you are planning a special event, concerts, music festivals, and sporting events in Los Angeles:

1. Entertainment Permits

A number of police-regulated activities may require specialized permits from the Police Department. Adult Entertainment, After-Hours Entertainment Business, Entertainment Establishments, Games, and Promoters are among the permits that you should check out and obtain at least a month or two before the holding of the event.

2. Temporary Use Permit

A Temporary Use Permit (TUP) is a permit that allows certain uses on private property for a limited time. TUP grants temporary telecommunications facilities designed to support citywide public events; uses for temporary public assembly and entertainment; and seasonal retail sales, such as those associated with holidays.

3. Food Permit

For any type of food or drink you want to sell, serve, give away, or a sample at an open gathering, each vendor must have a Temporary Food Facility Sponsor Permit. Depending on the classification and the duration of your event, different permits, policies, and processes are required.

4. Liquor Permits

Most events require police approval before alcohol can be served. The LAPD is in charge of alcohol management and may have restrictions, especially concerning crowd management. A permit from the city’s Alcohol Beverage Control department may not be sufficient; you may need a license from the state’s Alcohol Beverage Control as well.

5. Park-Use permits

Park Use Permits or Special Event Park Use Permits may be required for large-scale events in public parks. There may be site-specific norms and regulations that must be followed such as the use of alcohol, dogs off-leash, use of inflatables, party jumps, and live entertainment. In most cases, additional licenses will be necessary.

Depending on the event you are organizing, be very diligent in your research for permits and approvals that you need to obtain in order to organize a successful social gathering. Lastly, don’t forget to book an events security agency to help assist you in keeping the event smooth and safe. Call us at (877) 203-4619 for more information.