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The Relationship Between Private Security and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers and security guards look the same to the untrained eye. When casually defined, both security personnel sound like they do the same thing.

Both professions share a common goal – to keep something or someone safe. The general public is used to seeing security guards at a gated community, a mall, or even a famous public figure. However, there are also police officers that roam around gated communities and assist public figures.

People interested in a security-related career need to know the differences between these two professions since, while they may share a common goal, the differences between the two will undoubtedly have a significant impact on how you want to shape your future.

Who do they protect?

Police represent the government. They enforce the laws of the land. The powers of a law enforcement officer is limited by the jurisdiction covered by his badge.

Security personnel protects businesses and persons. Their duties are not limited by any jurisdiction under the law. However, their duties are limited only to private property, unless stated in their contracts the inclusion of public properties.

How do security guards help the police?

When the police have more important matters to deal with, they cannot be wasting time on regular security services. They can rely on security guards to handle these responsibilities. The security guards that are stationed everywhere throughout the community will serve as an additional set of eyes and ears for the law enforcement officers who patrol the area.

Even if the greater security presence helps to prevent crime, there is still a need for the police whenever there is a crime that takes place. Because of this, security guards and police officers often work together in order to fulfill the many safety requirements that businesses and inhabitants of a community have.

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