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The Most Common Threats to the Security of Special Events in 2022

Special events contain many moving parts and require careful strategic planning and preparation. These moving parts include anything from vendors to ticket sales to permits and everything in between.

Every seasoned event planner is aware that in order to properly prepare for a special event, one must have backup plans in place for virtually every possible scenario. In addition to problems with logistics, there are many other things that can go wrong during an event.

Examples of gatherings that draw large crowds are conferences, festivals, concerts, athletic events, fairs, and fundraisers because of the very nature of these events. As a result, these gatherings can quickly become attractive targets for criminal activities such as robbery, theft, and assault. There is always a potential for safety breaches whenever a big number of people get together in one location, and it is the duty of every event host to look out for the welfare of their attendees.

Exits and Entrances

Securing a special event relies heavily on access control and crowd management. Attendees who have paid or have tickets to an event should be distinguished from performers, officials, VIPs, and others.

Loss of property/theft

During the course of an event, organizers frequently have divided focus among an overwhelming number of different aspects. When the focus is diverted away from security, there is the potential for significant consequences.

Audio/Visual, camera, and music equipment to be pricey. Portable electronic devices like laptops and microphones make for excellent theft targets. Because of the low rates at which equipment is recovered, it is essential for every event site to have a proactive theft prevention plan.

Crowd Control

Crowds are intricate social systems that can very rapidly become overpowering and problematic when they reach a certain size. Event planners take on a significant amount of responsibility whenever there is going to be a high number of attendees at an event.

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