Impact of facemasks in the security industry in Los Angeles

The Impact of Facemasks in The Security Industry | IPS Los Angeles

If you ask any security guard assigned at entrances about the worst part of their job and who their worst clients are, you will likely get the same answer. Those who are obligated to identify clients have a strong distaste for the process even before masks are introduced. However, since Covid 19 mandates the use of masks, security professionals have a greater responsibility than ever before to correctly identify individuals.

It is impossible for door guards or security guards to acquire an accurate interpretation of someone based solely on their eyes and forehead. This, however, has been creating a lot of challenges for people working in the security industry.

Younger people take advantage of masks to conceal their age and impersonate older people.

This is a widespread issue that needs to be addressed in retail businesses as well as events. There will always be those who try to present themselves with phony identification documents at any location or event that has restrictions that forbid entry to the venue by minors in accordance with the venue’s policy. With facemasks on, it is difficult to determine these culprits.

It is hard to determine the identities of criminals in security cameras.

There have been videos going around on social media of criminals who are not scared to gaze directly into the lens of a security camera because they are confident that they cannot be easily identified from the footage.

These are only a few of the many obstacles that are faced in the field of security, which is precisely why there should never be a break in the training that is provided on the most recent updates regarding the provision of security.

IPS training does not only cover recently hired, staff.  The training is also provided to current employees to assist them in staying updated on what is new and what no longer applies.