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Why Is Security Important in the Cannabis Industry?

As more and more states in the US have made it legal to possess and use small amounts of marijuana for recreational and medical use, the market has expanded rapidly. According to a survey, the cannabis business is expected to be worth more than $50 billion by the year 2026, according to numerous studies, with […]

3 Reasons To Hire Local Security

What’s more important: getting a good deal or paying a little more to conduct business with a reputable company? Do you go with a big corporation that has offices in 48 states, or with a smaller, more local one that has a branch right here in your neighborhood? People are prone to feeling overwhelmed by […]

IPS Provides Security at the Anaheim Convention for Vidcon 2022

Two years after celebrating its anniversary in 2019, Paramount Global organized the massive comeback of VidCon. The global assembly was held at the Anaheim Convention Center on June 22-25, 2022. VidCon returned with a dose of magic from the world of online video makers. Although thousands of digital content creators and platform pioneers were able […]

Why Hire Certified Armed Security Guards in Los Angeles

Your business may be handling something sensitive and needs a more sophisticated type of security. To ensure that the business is safe and successful, you want to employ only certified armed security guards who are licensed to carry a handgun. Choose Only Certified Armed Guard Services in Los Angeles Have you heard about the recent […]

How to Stay Safe in a Large Crowd

Summer is fast approaching and events such as parades, busy shopping days, and holiday parties will begin. It is critical that everyone, from the attendees to the event organizers, be aware of the dangers of crowded events and prepare. The best way to keep people and property safe is to be prepared in advance of […]