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Anaplan Live! in San Jose, California

It became more exciting for business owners who are navigating and building their presence in the digital world when Anaplan Live! held a conference in San Jose, California on June 21-23, 2022. Featuring its Fearlessly Forward theme, the conference featured a number of opportunities for the attendees to interact with each other. The activities focused […]

The Top 5 Cities Currently Hiring Security Guards

Bouncing back from the pandemic, a lot of people are not out of their houses to experience the world again. Most adults, on the other hand, are out to find work. Working as a security officer is a great option for those who value flexibility in their schedule and a high level of detail. Below […]

Special Security Measures in Sport Events

If you notice, IPS has been assisting music and sporting events simultaneously in the last couple of weeks. When it comes to security, are music festivals any different from sporting events? Protecting the playground When hosting a sporting event, it’s not just the spectators who need to be protected and kept safe; the athletes themselves […]