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3 Security Tips For Your Next Conference in Los Angeles 2022

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Aside from the announced purpose of your conference, public relations, problem-solving, and event management are all factors that people keep an eye on especially for those that are televised. If problems aren’t handled properly, high-profile events can pose both operational and reputational problems. An event’s ability to run smoothly can be jeopardized if problems arise […]

State Farm Insurance Celebrates 100th Anniversary in Las Vegas

State Farm held a huge party to celebrate its 100th year of existence on June 7th, 2022 at the Sin City. The company showcased its long and illustrious history at the Strip which served as the playground for the celebration of the company’s centenary. State Farm as an insurance company established in the year 2022 […]

Star Wars Anaheim Convention 2022

After a painful two-year delay, the annual Star Wars Celebration event returns this weekend, taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. “Star Wars” fans around the world have been inundated this week with a slew of new information, interviews, opinions, and statements. Not only will the next live-action spin-off show, “Obi-Wan […]

Rainbow Kitten Surprise Spearheads Bottle Rock Festival – IPS Security

Last December, Rainbow Kitten Surprise announced that it will spearhead the Bottle Rock Festival and Shaky Knees Festival for May 2022. Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s new single “Work Out” was just released, marking the group’s first new music in more than two years. There is an interesting contrast between the song’s beautiful melodic line and bubbly […]