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Concert Security Guards & Event Approvals in Los Angeles, California

As an event organizer, putting together an event and ensuring its safety necessitates meticulous organization. With the help of our IPS Security experts, we’ve put up an in-depth guide on how to plan an event in Los Angeles, and what approvals you may need. In this article, you’ll learn why a good emergency plan and […]

The Top 5 Cities Currently Hiring Security Guards

Bouncing back from the pandemic, a lot of people are not out of their houses to experience the world again. Most adults, on the other hand, are out to find work. Working as a security officer is a great option for those who value flexibility in their schedule and a high level of detail. Below […]

Types of Event Permits in Los Angeles, California

Here is a list of the most common types of event permits you may need if you are planning a special event, concerts, music festivals, and sporting events in Los Angeles: 1. Entertainment Permits A number of police-regulated activities may require specialized permits from the Police Department. Adult Entertainment, After-Hours Entertainment Business, Entertainment Establishments, Games, […]

Ways to Enhance Security Management for Social Events in Los Angeles

One of the most overlooked aspects of security is security management. When holding an event, event organizers and even security agencies in Los Angeles believe that their task of protecting the safety of the attendees begins and ends with employing and deploying security guards in an event. This assumption will only cause even bigger chaos […]

Hire IPS Guards For Your Events

As a prominent provider of event security guard services, IPS takes great satisfaction in its long history in the business. In the past, we’ve successfully implemented bespoke security solutions for events ranging from small private gatherings to large-scale events with over 60,000 attendees. There is a lot more to event security than simply hiring a […]