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Three things to consider when choosing a conference venue size | IPS Florida

There are many factors to consider when choosing a conference venue, and it’s easy to get lost in the details and overlook important element. Before calling a venue’s sales manager, make a list of your requirements. This is to ensure that you ask the right questions when holding a conference in Florida: 1. Is the […]

Imagine Dragons Performs A Special Hometown Show at the Allegiant Stadium | IPS Las Vegas

Imagine Dragons’ homecoming special on September 10, 2022, was packed to capacity at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Our teams are thrilled and honored to assist one of the most popular bands of today’s age. Since “Thunder” became Imagine Dragons’ fourth diamond single in sales and streaming in 2018, the band has decided to add […]

IPS Goes Back To Napa Valley, California for the Blue Note Jazz Festival

The first-ever outdoor, multi-day, multi-stage Blue Note Jazz Festival was held on July 29th-31st at the Charles Krug Winery in California’s Napa Valley. The innovative event feature keyboardist Robert Glasper in the role of artist-in-residence, with a focus on encouraging cooperation between musicians who already have established personal and professional ties. Hosted by comedian Dave […]

How Security Companies Plan Event Safety in Los Angeles | IPS California

Is it enough to hire a security company when you’re planning an event and concerned about the safety of everyone attending? If you hire a security company, does it imply you don’t have to worry about anything else and can just let them handle everything for you? Keep in mind that having a strategy that […]

IPS participates in the IAVM Venue Connect 2022 in Phoenix, AZ

On July 18-21, 2022, the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) held its 97th Annual Conference and Trade Show at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, AZ. This event was tagged as Venue Connect 2022. VenueConnect draws industry professionals from a diverse range of venues for public gathering including arenas, convention centers, amphitheaters, fairs, performing […]

What we can learn from the 2016 tragedy in Orlando, Florida

The Orlando shooting of 2016 happened at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in the early morning hours of June 12th. There were 49 people killed and over 50 injured. To this date, it is still tagged as the worst mass shooting in the history of America. Here are some lessons that we can get […]

3 Important Security Measures for Stadiums

The majority of sporting events take place during the summer while competitions continue year-round. No matter the size, security is an integral aspect of every sporting event. With crowds ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands, anyone attempting to evade security is a significant risk that you just cannot take or afford to disregard. Stadium […]

The Relationship Between Private Security and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers and security guards look the same to the untrained eye. When casually defined, both security personnel sound like they do the same thing. Both professions share a common goal – to keep something or someone safe. The general public is used to seeing security guards at a gated community, a mall, or […]

The Most Common Threats to the Security of Special Events in 2022

Special events contain many moving parts and require careful strategic planning and preparation. These moving parts include anything from vendors to ticket sales to permits and everything in between. Every seasoned event planner is aware that in order to properly prepare for a special event, one must have backup plans in place for virtually every […]

LA Pride 2022 Returns to Hollywood, Los Angeles

You read that right! After taking a few years off due to unforeseen circumstances, the LA Pride made a huge return from West Hollywood to Hollywood, where the first LGBTQ+ celebration was celebrated in the 1970s. The purpose of the event was to commemorate the Stonewall Rebellion, which took place on Christopher Street in New […]