State Farm Insurance 100th Anniversary in Las Vegas 2022

State Farm Insurance Celebrates 100th Anniversary in Las Vegas

State Farm held a huge party to celebrate its 100th year of existence on June 7th, 2022 at the Sin City. The company showcased its long and illustrious history at the Strip which served as the playground for the celebration of the company’s centenary.

State Farm as an insurance company established in the year 2022 on the very same day, June 7th. The company’s initial focus was to provide insurance coverage to agricultural clients. Over the decades, the organization has undergone a significant expansion into a variety of banking and insurance-related services.

The Strip is bordered by a total of 145,000 hotels, all of which are able to accommodate guests from large companies such as State Farm. In addition to the expansive playground, it is located in close proximity to a major international airport, which makes it quite convenient for guests who are traveling from outside the state.

Single day events come with unique challenges. Every single aspect must be taken into account when it comes to budget, crowd management, and event security. If something goes wrong, it stays all throughout the day. You won’t have any other days to make up for it.

IPS is one of the teams recruited to provide security for the State Farm event. Based on the type of attendees, the crowd is not something that IPS typically deals with. Having been used to rowdy musical events that involved active and rowdy audiences, our teams dealt with the challenge of securing a more laid back type of attendees.

Of course, a more laid back audience does not mean a more relaxed security. It is usually the opposite. This type of crowd is speculative. People have more time to look around and can easily spot anything that goes wrong.

IPS never keeps its guard down. The staff have undergone rigorous training and they know how to differentiate event needs and apply appropriately the skills they learned. Based on feedback, there hasn’t been anything bad insofar as our teams are concerned. The teams deployed did not leave their posts at any time and offered assistance to other locations that needed more hands.

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