Redbull Air Race 2022 Comes to Vegas - IPS Security and Training

Redbull Air Race 2022 Comes to Vegas

The 2014 World Championship was held in Sin City for the second time this year. Las Vegas, Nevada hosts the penultimate tournament of the championship series a month after the prior event in Fort Worth, Texas, with the participation of the United States’ Kirby Chambliss.

IPS Security, along with other teams were tasked to watch not only the audience but also participants especially for this slightly dangerous, high energy, and exciting event!

At this point, everything is at stake as series leader Paul Bonhomme and long-time leader Hannes Arch have both had mixed fortunes in recent races and are separated by just one point in the overall standings with 24 points still to be awarded. There is a lot at stake for the two former champions.

The event held a live coverage of the race but it still cannot be denied that there was an increase in the audience and most of them are enthusiasts of the sport.

The expressions of excitement and wonder on our IPS team’s faces throughout the entire event suggested that they were having a good time at the event.

What other kinds of satisfaction are there to be had from working in event security? You not only contribute to the overall success of these events, but you also get the opportunity to participate in the kinds of once-in-a-lifetime activities that are being held.