Rainbow Kitten Surprise | Bottle Rock 2022 | IPS California

Rainbow Kitten Surprise Spearheads Bottle Rock Festival – IPS Security

Last December, Rainbow Kitten Surprise announced that it will spearhead the Bottle Rock Festival and Shaky Knees Festival for May 2022.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s new single “Work Out” was just released, marking the group’s first new music in more than two years. There is an interesting contrast between the song’s beautiful melodic line and bubbly feel and its somber lyrics on the difficulties that individuals face in their relationships – of all kinds – “Work Out” was released with a handwritten lyric video by RKS frontwoman Ela Melo.

This highly anticipated North American tour by Rainbow Kitten Surprise has already sold out most of its dates within minutes of their announcements. A portion of the proceeds from Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s events will go to local food banks to help alleviate hunger and food insecurity in the communities they serve. They anticipate donating over $25,000 to these charities on this upcoming tour alone.

This was without a doubt the most incredible concert our team has ever had the pleasure of providing security services to. It is easier to assume the concert to be a little less formal and more relaxed, but it wasn’t like that at all. The crowd had a lot of energy.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise is known to be a very personable band, and have even been always seen to get on the floor and sing with the audience on several occasions, people come as close to the stage as they can. This is a little challenging especially when it came to the stage barriers that were put up and our teams had to be extra alert when it came to the pressure that is coming from the crowd, especially in the area closest to the stage.

Other than that, the concert was smooth sailing, thanks to our hard working IPS teams who followed all instructions in terms of deployment assignments and instructions!