Hall of Flowers 2022 | Palm Springs | IPS Protection

IPS Supports Yet Another Floral Extravaganza

Hall of Flowers, a trade show for the cannabis business in Palm Springs on May 4th, ran concurrently with and immediately following the first day of High on Life. At 10 p.m. of the same day, an official after-the-afterparty kicked off, covering numerous ballrooms with different moods and limitless mingling. DJs spun till then.

Farechild events are always full of surprises. As the May day cools into the desert night, Farechild’s unrivaled party production will light up a full spectrum of delight for High on Life visitors.

In order to kick off a slew of spectacular cannabis-related events and gatherings in 2022, Farechild is taking over the entire resort. People from all walks of life who share an interest in the finer points of cannabis will be brought together by the huge hotel takeover.

After Smokers Club, IPS went straight to High on Life to make sure everything was running smoothly. These events drew a more laid-back crowd, but the difficulty remained the same: cannabis alters people’s mental states.

While IPS employees are taught not to dance at concerts, there is an unwritten rule that they must abstain from participating in any activity involving the ‘flowers’ while on duty.

Audiences at the Hall of Flowers and the Smokers Club represent a different challenge to event planners and security staff in terms of risk assessment. Unless a detailed risk assessment has been done, it should not be implemented in situations like this. The entire facility should be examined for things like potential fire threats and basic safety problems. Identifying and addressing any potential risks before the event begins is essential.

IPS is well-experienced when it comes to events like these and we have a track record of successful events where we took full participation.

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