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IPS Maintains Crowd Security in BTS Event

“Ever heard of BTS?” one of the supervisors said in the IPS executive meeting, “I think I’m a fan now” and everyone chuckled. BTS is tearing up Las Vegas, and the ARMY is loving every second of it. The crowd maintained an ecstatic energy all throughout the event while the band played fan favorites including Butter, Life Goes On, and Idol.

Earlier during the week, there has been a mandate released under the Clark County health guidelines that the audience will not be required to take a negative COVID test to be admitted to the concert grounds. This mandate has opened the doors wider for the audience which eventually accumulated a large crowd that got the stadium packed.

IPS, however, strictly maintained the requirement that all attendees wear a mask that completely covers their nose and mouth while inside the stadium at all times in compliance with the Event Organizers’ instructions.

In managing large crowds, deciding on the number of staff deployed in an event is not an easy task to do. IPS does not only provide security staff to events. It also carefully evaluates the venue, the type of event, type of audience, and nature of the occasion.

Insufficient number of guards can be dangerous since they are unable to manage crowds, while an excessive number of guards can be restrictive, preventing attendees from enjoying the event and resulting in unnecessary costs.

BTS has a predominantly female and adolescent audience. This audience has a distinct character which poses a little challenge especially in determining the necessity of security staff and the number of guards to be deployed. Unlike a rock concert, the requirements for an event are easily predictable.

Despite the challenge, no gaps nor incidents were reported and the audience had a great time. The IPS team performed an excellent job in ensuring that the event ran smoothly!