IPS facilitates Guard Card classes in St George. Get your Guard Card application in today.

IPS Facilitates St George Guard Card Classes

IPS is now facilitating applications for the upcoming Guard Card Classes to be held in St George. Dates for classes will be posted at a later date, however all applications must be submitted by May 6, 2022.

In Nevada, aspiring applicants must first obtain a Nevada PILB work card from the state’s licensing board for private investigators before they can be considered for employment as unarmed security guards in the state. While no prior training is required, applicants must first complete an application for a guard card with the following requirements:

1. A completed application form
2. A signed and dated civil applicant waiver
3. passport-size photo
4. Two copies of forms of identification (U.S. passport or a copy of both your driver’s license and social security card)
5. Application fee of $87
6. An exam result of 100%
The application can only be initially processed online. All requirements should be submitted through the PILB website and the application fee must be paid in full.

After the website submission, applicants would need to contact the recruiter or agent for their location in order to schedule a livescan and fingerprinting appointment. The livescan will only take about 15 minutes, after which the fingerprinting receipt or R-code will be assigned to each applicant who has qualified. Each qualifying applicant must show the supervisor in charge his R-code to be included in the roster.

Guard Card Classes are single day classes. Guard Cards will only be issued to those who have completed the classes.

A PILB work card is valid for 5 years. This will serve as a license and an opportunity to be employed in security manning agencies and organizations all over the state they are taking classes for. With a security guard license, you’ll have access to a lot of opportunities with local security companies and organizations with the possibility to advance your career — from guard to corporate executive, or private investigator.

It is critical that all applicants conduct themselves with honesty and integrity throughout the application process. They should understand that a security guard will be interacting with different people from all walks of life, business owners, emergency personnel, and other uniformed staff. The role is to ensure the security, service, and safety of everyone, and you operate as part of a team to safeguard a client’s people, property, and assets. Possessing a security guard license qualifies you to work for a security guard firm, which means you’ll have an exciting job that changes daily.

* This does not include the IPS orientation training.
* This does not include the 8hr/40 state required training. Training requirements may vary by state.