IPS Beat the COACHELLA Challenge! - IPS Security and Training

IPS Beat the COACHELLA Challenge!

The IPS team exceeded the expectations of the customer, especially during the second week of Coachella. The numbers were met, and each and every member of our team did everything they could to ensure that this widely broadcast event went smoothly.

The event managers and the top executives expressed their gratitude to the entire team, and it is a truly gratifying moment for our team, as it has been a challenging task at the beginning.

Normally, when a large event is fully stretched in so many days of the month, the personnel who work throughout the event become exhausted. IPS was adamant in its refusal to budge. When IPS starts, it keeps the same amount of energy until it is finished. However, during this occasion, the team not only gained the respect of the client, but also of the IPS management.

Our teams had small run-ins with intoxicated attendees, but other than that, nothing horrible happened and everything went smoothly.

The Coachella festival as a whole was a major challenge for everyone involved, from event organizers to management to security teams. The challenge provided IPS with an opportunity to demonstrate its ability to bounce back swiftly and complete the entire event with a rousing round of applause.

The IPS executive team was overjoyed that everything had turned out so well! During the meeting, a client complement was received, and this says a lot about how the IPS work culture and etiquette.