Insomniac Brings Audiotistic to the Bay Area | IPS Los Angeles 2022 - IPS Security and Training

Insomniac Brings Audiotistic to the Bay Area | IPS Los Angeles 2022

Among Insomniac’s longest-running trademarks, Audiotistic has evolved into a safe haven for a wide range of genres and subgenres over the years. It was on the same weekend in 2016 that Audiotistic San Diego debuted, and it was a smashing success. The Shoreline Amphitheater in Northern California hosted the festival again on July 9-10. The festival was packed, yet somehow it didn’t seem that way. Even though there were long lines that pushed people to wait, our IPS crowd management team had an easier job executing event security rules because the majority of the people were well-behaved. The first day of Audiotistic Bay Area features performances from a stellar line up! On the first day, Chris Lake, SIDEPIECE, Said The Sky, and Audien performed on the Frequency 1.1 stage. In addition to SAYMYNAME and Riot Ten’s b2b set, the Frequency 2.2 stage boomed with heavy beats from SVDDEN DEATH, WHIPPED CREAM, Mersiv, and Bloodsport.

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