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Imagine Dragons Performs A Special Hometown Show at the Allegiant Stadium | IPS Las Vegas

Imagine Dragons’ homecoming special on September 10, 2022, was packed to capacity at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Our teams are thrilled and honored to assist one of the most popular bands of today’s age.

Since “Thunder” became Imagine Dragons’ fourth diamond single in sales and streaming in 2018, the band has decided to add more dates to their Mercury Tour and return to Las Vegas. Luckily, there were no reported incidents despite the heightened excitement of the guests.

The band’s singer, Dan Reynolds hails from Las Vegas. It’s easy to forget Reynolds has a horrible spinal illness when seeing him perform alongside guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman.

For Reynolds, performing live is a gift, a chance to connect with people and lose himself in his music, which helps to lessen the misery he feels in his body. The benefits of being in the creative zone are euphoric, and he enjoys them whether he’s writing songs or honing his skills

Does your venue or festival have an established security plan?

Opening all exits promptly at the end of each concert is an important practice for this. Recurring guests will quickly learn where the exits are, and they can automatically run to those openings just right after the concert is done. Go beyond a simple radio check; confirm the hierarchy of information flow from the decision maker to all venue staff. And make sure you have staff with two-way radios in sensitive areas.

Check the chain of command from the decision-maker to all venue staff, and ensure that all operational procedures that were rehearsed are put into action. In high-risk areas such as entrances and exits, provide staff with two-way radios. For your event security concerns, consult with us at (877) 203-4619.