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How to manage risks in music festivals

Running a music festival may sound exciting, but there are a lot of rules and regulations that must be complied with in order to limit the risks of a crowded event. The pleasant weather and extended daylight hours of summer make it easy for many people to spend the day outside, either listening to music or watching entertainment. As the fall months approach, we may expect a slew of fall and harvest festivities.

According to recent statistics, over 30 million people attend music festivals each year in the United States alone. The number of people attending festivals goes up dramatically when you include not only music festivals but also cultural events such as culinary festivals, film festivals, and art festivals.

Every event has its own unique set of risks. Although a festival can undoubtedly be insured, there are a number of risk considerations that need to be addressed. Organizing a large-scale event such as a music festival requires entails managing a wide range of risks.

Liability for Consumption of Alcohol

When an intoxicated person leaves the festival, the event itself could be held responsible for third-party damages when the drunk attendee encounters unwanted incidents outside of the festival grounds. Liquor Liability insurance is essential for occasions where alcohol is served because general liability insurance does not cover this type of claim.

Risk Management

Music festivals sound exciting not only to event organizers but more likely to attendees. Expect a surge of people coming from different locations. When it comes to ensuring everyone’s safety during a festival, having a solid security procedure in place is absolutely essential.

When there are so many people attending music festivals, there are a lot of risks that can jeopardize their success. It is absolutely necessary to have a solid security procedure in place in order to maintain a festival’s reputation for having a safe environment for all attendees.

Always plan strong security systems and procedures at the early stages of the organizing process. The standard course of action for larger festivals is to outsource their security requirements and run this service in collaboration with the festival volunteers and the local police force.

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