Hire IPS Guards for your events | California

Hire IPS Guards For Your Events

As a prominent provider of event security guard services, IPS takes great satisfaction in its long history in the business.

In the past, we’ve successfully implemented bespoke security solutions for events ranging from small private gatherings to large-scale events with over 60,000 attendees. There is a lot more to event security than simply hiring a security guard.

There must be a multi-layered approach to security planning in order to protect guests, property, and the location itself from harm. When it comes to addressing all of the necessary details, we use a personal and comprehensive approach that enables us to first meet and then surpass our client’s expectations.

IPS provides a customized approach to event security.

Every event has distinct and specific needs, such as site security, static guards, crowd management, health and safety, etc. Each customer receives a customized and comprehensive approach to their event.

We recognize that hiring security for an event necessitates a comprehensive solution that includes risk mitigation and crowd management methods that may be implemented anywhere, anytime.


Trust is the most important aspect in our line of work. Building trust is accomplished by our capacity and skill to comprehend the specific requirements of our clients as well as the location and venue to ensure the greatest possible level of safety.

IPS has a good track record of providing positive outcomes for all of our clients. We have experience working in a variety of set-up ranging from large-scale music festivals, sporting events, to more intimate high-profile get-togethers.

What areas do we cover?

Our work covers the states of Florida, California, and Nevada as well as strategic alliances and team resources located in other states in the US.