IPS | Security Strategy in Beyond Wonderland

Going Beyond for Beyond Wonderland

beyond wonderland

Between March 25th and March 26th, the National Orange Show Event Center in San Bernadino  hosted the Beyond Wonderland Festival.

The event drew over 61,000 attendees, the majority of them were teenagers. It has been reported that there are some security gaps at the venue, but our team performed an excellent job in implementing the security strategy and ensuring that none of the gaps were included in the posts that we were assigned.

According to the results of a poll administered to all of the supervisors assigned to the event, everyone appeared to be aware of their individual roles and responsibilities. They were all able to describe what they needed to perform, and there was a wide range of responsibilities assigned to them. The security strategy clearly indicated how to maximize the number of employees in order to keep everyone occupied and productive at all times.

“My goal was to provide 100 percent customer service by ensuring that only credentials were allowed to enter via the gate where I was stationed,” one supervisor stated while reading through the survey responses. “While maintaining a constant state of alertness for anything odd.”

The security sector requires a high level of accountability from those who work in it. When a security guard is in uniform, he or she becomes a visual manifestation of authority. His presence alone discourages troublemakers. All, except the most determined offenders. The difficulty is compounded in populated places where the majority of the population consists of teenagers, children, and young people.

In these circumstances, it is impossible to avoid incidents. Never forget that a guard can never incite trouble, regardless of the circumstances. It is necessary for him to be personable and approachable in order to effectively resolve issues. People must be able to put their trust in him and turn to him for assistance. He must be able to deal with problems in a mature and appropriate manner.

IPS offers a variety of training seminars and other learning opportunities that allow students to improve interpersonal skills while also giving back to the community. With the constant changes in health protocols especially in this day and age, changes become more and more inevitable in terms of crowd management. Constant training and attending classes every now and then gives a sense of security that enables you to notice when something isn’t quite right at first sight.