Getting Back Together Again with Eric Church - IPS Security and Training

Getting Back Together Again with Eric Church

On May 13, 2022, the round T-Mobile Arena served as venue to the Eric Church LIVE. To make the most of the long-awaited opportunity to “reunite,” Church will, for the first time in his career, choose a setup known as “in-the-round,” where the stage is placed in the center of each arena’s floor. This is done to accommodate the largest number of fans possible.

Eric Church is one of the most fascinating performers in contemporary country music. His five studio albums have drawn influences from classic rock, disco, and grunge, producing a gritty and earthy sound that is as innovative as it is catchy. He is not afraid to venture outside of the usual musical boundaries of the genre, as evidenced by the fact that he is not constrained by those boundaries. When Church comes to play in your area (again! ), you’ll have the chance to see him with his signature aviator sunglasses and trucker hat.

The set-up was not conventional, but it provided a different perspective and a wider view for our IPS team. While this set-up accommodated the largest number of fans possible, with strong communication and good relationship with the in-house guards of the T-Mobile Arena, the concert went as smooth as it can possibly be. Featuring one of his songs “Hell of a View” has provided not only the audience, but also our staff a full experience of the song in the venue set-up.

Eric Church has been releasing new music at a relentless pace, providing a glimpse into the results of a month-long marathon session in which he wrote and recorded a song per day while sequestered in a rural North Carolina cabin, and fueling speculation about his highly anticipated new three-part project, Heart and Soul, which has been recently released in the spring.