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Comic Con Returns in San Diego, California 2022

Back in April 2020, a year after Comic Con’s 50th Anniversary, fans got disappointed after organizers’ had to cancel the event due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This year, Comic-Con made a massive comeback in San Diego and it is almost as big as it was before the pandemic.

The event was a success for our pop culture enthusiasts. There were several interesting events happening throughout the convention that made the whole week worthwhile. Incredible announcements, presentations, sneak peeks, trailers, and other materials for forthcoming Disney films and shows were released to the audience’s delight. Fans of all stripes, be they Marvel, Star Wars, live-action thrillers, or animated series, will find something to enjoy.

Disney made its first major announcement at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday with the debut of the first trailer for National Treasure: Edge of History. Attendees got the chance to see both the teaser trailer for the series as well as a behind-the-scenes before these are released to the public.

Fans were also given an exclusive look at some of the costumes that will be used in the upcoming Disney series Andor. The display featured outfits for the characters Cassian Andor and Mon Mothma, in addition to a brand-new droid that Star Wars fans marveled at.

On Friday Marvel Studios presented the audience with a first peek at one of the videos that will be featured in the upcoming series I Am Groot, which will be available on Disney.

For these kinds of events where there are mock ups of weapons and sharp objects, it is a huge challenge for each of our IPS team members to stay vigilant in checking those which are real and which aren’t. For those who went to the event in costumes, our teams did their best in making sure that none of the attendees were hiding anything suspicious under their creative clothes.

It was a very exciting week and we are looking forward to supporting more events such as the Comic Con 2022 in San Diego. Have an upcoming event soon? Book with IPS now.