Coldplay Embarks on a Green Tour - IPS Security and Training

Coldplay Embarks on a Green Tour

While the band is vowing to do their part to lessen global warming, reducing their carbon footprint, Coldplay is also encouraging fans to do their part. Coldplay’s new world tour features kinetic dance floors and energy-storing stationary cycles, allowing concertgoers to participate in the show’s energy production through dancing and spinning.

The concert was the first concert held in the Levi Stadium since the pandemic began. For a more environmentally responsible tour, this is just one step in a wider effort. Their songs include “Higher Power,” and they have commited to reduce their CO2 emissions by half, which they hope will allow them to be more environmentally friendly.

This event was another challenge for the security teams hired to assist the event which included IPS. If you thought that the Eric Church was different, this was another concert that is first of its kind. Our staff had to figure out how to keep the audience in order as they had to keep moving to power the concert as a whole.

Given the presence of the bicycles and the continuous dancing that is taking place, it is easy for the event to become difficult to control. The security teams were able to put up with the challenge and they were able to manage the event’s security in a smooth manner that they were successful.

Recently, IPS has been a part of a lot of large events that required a large number of participants, and they have demonstrated that they can work effectively with other teams in a seamless manner. They were able to effectively communicate and collaborate as a team, which is one of our fundamental pillars.

In the end, they had a good time discovering novel approaches to managing events that are constantly evolving and bringing about new experiences.