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Choosing a Cannabis Security Guard Company

In the cannabis business, security is one of the most important things you can never take for granted. Selecting one for your marijuana business is much more challenging due to the nature of the industry. Continue reading to have an understanding of what aspects to search for.

What you pay for is what you get

Since this is a special type of industry, expect that it is slightly more expensive as the training that is required from the security team is different and rigorous. In this regard, don’t focus on the pricing, rather on the company’s history and reputation. Consider the firm’s experience first, even if you’re concerned about the expense of their services.

Conduct your due diligence by asking them to do a Vendor Check: verify the company’s legality by checking in with the Secretary of State; read customer feedback; talk to the owner; verify permits and insurance policy; look over contracts. If they are passing all of your tests with flying colors, you may expect to pay a premium for their services.

Thorough comprehension of local requirements

Cannabis businesses must adhere to state regulations in all 50 states. It’s important to hire a security agency that is aware of all applicable laws and regulations. Keep in mind local rules and ensure that they’re properly insured for the area.

Good grasp of modern technology

Is this a service that patrols the streets? If so, what kind of GPS or tracking system are they employing? Are the dispatchers employing a particular technology? Is information being logged? Is the record-keeping cloud-based and digital? There is no right or wrong response to the last question, but the answer whether logbook or tech-based will likely make a difference to you and their outcomes if they are using the old school logbooks.