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How To Implement Security During Concerts

If you own a concert venue, you know how exciting and profitable it is to host performances. Security should be your top priority. Things can get out of hand when you gather a lot of excited and probably intoxicated people in one venue. You need to take security measures during concerts to protect your guests, […]

Can security cameras replace live security guards?

In recent years, there was competition and opposition between the global security guarding services industry and the development of technology. Providers of security services have been affected by the impact of the global economic crisis on quality and prices. On the other hand, technology has been making a lot of strides in bots and systems […]

Do Hospitals Need to Employ Security Guards?

Hospital security services are responsible for the safety and security of patients, staff, and visitors. Guards perform a variety of duties to ensure the safety of the hospital, including monitoring hospital visitors and securing parking lots and other high-traffic areas. Whether you are a hospital owner, employee, or patient, learn why hospital security guards are […]

Why Security Guards Should Always Wear Uniforms

Today’s businesses face a staggering number of tragedies that can disrupt operations, result in financial losses and legal liabilities, and cause property damage or destruction. Whether it’s a burglary, fire or natural disaster, on-site security professionals are needed to respond quickly and effectively. Daylight crime remains a problem. Criminals routinely break into open businesses to […]

IPS Supports Yet Another Floral Extravaganza

Hall of Flowers, a trade show for the cannabis business in Palm Springs on May 4th, ran concurrently with and immediately following the first day of High on Life. At 10 p.m. of the same day, an official after-the-afterparty kicked off, covering numerous ballrooms with different moods and limitless mingling. DJs spun till then. Farechild […]

Top 5 Challenges in Commercial Security

Commercial security guards are indispensable components when it comes to keeping a building safe even on a regular day. The reality is that commercial security guards face challenges almost daily, no matter how skilled and experienced they may be in their field. Thousands of security companies have undergone significant obstacles in recent years. Due to […]

Who is an IPS Guard?

From armed robberies and shoplifting to drunken brawls, security has long been an issue for many types of businesses and events. Security personnel are always on call when an emergency arises, making sure everything is taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. There is always a risk of attack and not everybody can […]

Why are there so few female security guards?

Women had to fight hard to prove their worth and be equal to their male counterparts in the workplace. Before World War II, women were expected to stay home and take care of the family, while men were expected to bring food to the table. The role of women in security has evolved over time, […]

How Many Security Guards Do I Need for an Event?

When planning an event, you should always ask yourself the following question: “How many security guards do I need?” Most of the time, people underestimate the number of guards to avoid spending “too much” money on them. In today’s increasingly dangerous (and even weird ) world, safety must be the number one priority. As a […]