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How to Stay Safe in a Large Crowd

Summer is fast approaching and events such as parades, busy shopping days, and holiday parties will begin. It is critical that everyone, from the attendees to the event organizers, be aware of the dangers of crowded events and prepare. The best way to keep people and property safe is to be prepared in advance of […]

The Relationship Between Private Security and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers and security guards look the same to the untrained eye. When casually defined, both security personnel sound like they do the same thing. Both professions share a common goal – to keep something or someone safe. The general public is used to seeing security guards at a gated community, a mall, or […]

What Kinds of Events Do We Service in Las Vegas?

It is important to identify the appropriate level of security for your event as part of the Risk Assessment process and to include this information in your Emergency Management Plan. The level of security required will vary depending on the type and size of the event. Depending on the type of event you are hosting, […]

Skyline Orlando Festival 2022 – Events Security

The Skyline Music Festival Orlando will be held over the course of two days at the Orlando Amphitheater on the Central Florida Fairgrounds. The Festival is a celebration of underground electronic music. Our teams are mainly assigned to monitor the exits and entrances of the Amphitheater as, just like every other concert, there were two […]