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Can security cameras replace live security guards?

In recent years, there was competition and opposition between the global security guarding services industry and the development of technology. Providers of security services have been affected by the impact of the global economic crisis on quality and prices. On the other hand, technology has been making a lot of strides in bots and systems that almost seem to eliminate the need for live security guards.

Pandemic and cost-cutting

Security services are usually the first area of a company to suffer when management undertakes cost-cutting initiatives. These are also known as “cost centers.” In security, not only does it cost a lot of money to employ a security guard, but it is also difficult to get an immediate return on investment unless there is a problem with the security system. This is especially important in countries with a high cost of living.

No company wants to interrupt its operations because of a security problem. But, even if there is still a significant need for security services, businesses are having difficulty paying for them. They want a security service that is both high quality and affordable.

A lot of businesses have been heavily relying on security cameras only.

Installing a security camera offers a cost-effective advantage. The vast majority of multinational corporations and large residential buildings now use security cameras to prevent and detect crimes such as theft and other misconduct. Aside from being cost-effective, camera footage serves as more credible evidence in investigations of crime or systems observations.

Limits of security cameras

A security camera can only capture the crime, not prevent it. A security guard has the ability to alert other people right away and prevent the consummation or furtherance of a crime right then and there. In situations that would require immediate prevention, a security camera is useless.

Before an intruder can steal from you or damage your property, you have only seconds to take steps to prevent and deter criminal activity. A live security guard knows that a potential threat has entered your premises or property line. By looking at the appropriate screen or patrolling an appropriate area at the right moment, they can detect and scare away an intruder.

Consider all the possible outcomes. Before you know it, you’ll end up paying more in the long run than you bargained for.