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Anaplan Live! in San Jose, California

It became more exciting for business owners who are navigating and building their presence in the digital world when Anaplan Live! held a conference in San Jose, California on June 21-23, 2022.

Featuring its Fearlessly Forward theme, the conference featured a number of opportunities for the attendees to interact with each other. The activities focused on expediting the decision-making of leaders and business owners while maintaining an upbeat demeanor in their respective companies.

The event provided insights across functions, sectors, and stages of the Anaplan 3-day journey, from leadership inspiration to intel on the latest digital transformation trends and experiences with new platform capabilities.

Not Impossible Labs’ Mick Ebeling and Bonnie St. John, a Paralympic ski champion, Rhodes scholar, and best-selling author, were two of the conference’s most notable speakers during the Keynote Address.

Anaplan CEO Frank Calderoni took part in presenting The Path to Transformational Outcomes. An interaction between the company and the clients followed through when these clients were encouraged to share their stories and Anaplan shared its ideas of alternate solutions to the same problems that will help them avoid the same in the future.

This month of June was filled with many activities that were more formal, instructional, and educational for all participants as well as our staff, which is a stark contrast to the previous three months that were entirely comprised of music festivals and sporting events. Our employees found it exciting to provide security while simultaneously learning about the various technological advancements that are now taking place in the world.

IPS Protection is able to collaborate with you to develop the optimal logistics, ensuring that everyone has a positive experience. Since we have over a decade of experience in events security and crowd management in California, event planners have been able to benefit from our special event protection services. Give us a call at (877) 203-4619.