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3 Security Tips For Your Next Conference in Los Angeles 2022

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Aside from the announced purpose of your conference, public relations, problem-solving, and event management are all factors that people keep an eye on especially for those that are televised. If problems aren’t handled properly, high-profile events can pose both operational and reputational problems.

An event’s ability to run smoothly can be jeopardized if problems arise with security. These difficulties could result in costly and embarrassing incidents for the host.

Here are 3 tips from the IPS team to keep in mind for your next big conference:

1. Choose a safe and appropriate venue.

Do not hire a security team at the latter stage of your event planning. The security team needs to be involved at the onset of event planning because all stages of meetings and conferences are critical.

Security staff will need to conduct a threat assessment of the proposed site before making a final decision on the location. They will learn more about the location and identify any resources, such as floor space or rooms, that need to be reserved or guarded heavily, early in the process.

2. Plan the protection of proprietary information.

Conferences can be used to reveal new technology or business strategies. Others may deal with delicate topics like layoffs and acquisition plans. It is imperative that businesses carefully consider how and to whom they wish to convey this information in each of these circumstances. Security experts can then devise strategies for safeguarding the information. Security experts can give advice on carrying and storing sensitive materials, as well as designate private meeting rooms for such discussions.

3. Transportation and Emergency Planning.

Conference security extends beyond the event site. Security should coordinate venue transportation, especially since these people will not only be dressing up, but also be carrying delicate information in their cars, bags, or briefcases.

Security agencies also analyze threats in attendees’ lodgings. Security may decide if VIPs need a vehicle or foot escort. VIPs are most vulnerable traveling to and from a public event.

Finally, security will create emergency plans. Identifying police, fire, rescue, and medical resources nearby is very critical.

Just like the most recently held Splunk Event in Vegas, if you are planning to hold conferences in Los Angeles, you can totally rely on the IPS team.